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Play Spaces for Cloudy Days 

play spaces

Here are  5 noteworthy indoor play spaces when there’s no sunshine in the forecast.

The Big Playhouse, Westwood, NJ
This playhouse is a big town where kids can socialize and work together. Kids can be entertained in the playhouse or the  barnyard. They can play with race cars or go pretend-grocery shopping.

Splash Zone, Chelsea Piers, Stamford, CT

If you want to splash some fun in the winter months, Chelsea Piers in Stamford has a 6,000 square foot “Splash Zone” that features 3 waters slides.

The Art Farm In The City, New York, NY

The Art Farm in the City is an upper east side fun space for kids. It’s an indoor petting zoo where kids can pet and feed chinchillas, lizards, rabbits, turtles, and guinea pigs.

Imajine That, Lawrence, MA

This play space is an interactive kid’s center featuring a Whole Foods, a science station, a giant dinosaur climbing structure, a hospital-themed play space and an arts table.

Please Touch, Philadelphia,PA

This is a hands on museum where kids and adults can learn and explore together.

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