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Tasty and Allergen-Free Snacks

Here’s our selection of not only super delicious snacks for kids, but also allergen-free!! The classic chocolate cookie will be replaced! Let your kids be the judge!



Orgran Outback Animals Chocolate Cookies, Gluten Free, 6.2 Boxes (Pack of 8) :  Allergen-free wombat, koala, and croc crackers are LOVED by kids!



 Plum Organics Tots Fruity Fingerfuls Snack – Strawberry (0.82 oz.)This new snack line, carried at Babies “R” Us nationwide, includes gluten-free toddler-friendly fruit fingers.


 Andean Dream Quinoa Cookies Chocolate ChipThese great tasting Chocolate Chip Andean Dream Cookies are made from Organic Royal Quinoa. Quinoa is nutritious, rich in vitamins and minerals, high quality proteins, and all 8 amino acids essential for nutrition.


Lucy’s Chocolate Chip, 1.25-Ounce Packages (Pack of 16)Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies are made without wheat, gluten, milk, eggs, and well as being peanut and tree nut free. Kids and adults alike love the taste!


Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Trail Mix Cookies / 4 BAGSOf all the dairy-free cookies out there, this cookie has a chunky, homemade texture that makes it absolutely mouth-watering.


Ian’s Natural Foods Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Buttons, 5.1 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)Ian’s Chocolate Chip Cookies are as cute as buttons. Each pack holds the right number of cookies for your little one, 100-cal packs.



Katz in VanillaThese snacks are portable, healthy and allergen-free and super yummy!



Revolution Foods Organic Jammy Sammy Snack Size Sandwich Bar, Apple Cinnamon & Oatmeal, 5-Count Boxes (Pack of 5)This snack size wheat-free cereal bars provides kids with a balanced nutrition and steady energy for a day of learning and play.



Home Free oatmeal cookiesThese mini egg- and nut-free oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are delicious and each serving has 25% of the recommended whole grain for an entire day!



Teething Biscuits, Maple, Wheat/Soy/Dairy Free, Organic, 6 oz.
Healthy Times teething biscuits are a family favorite. They are delicious and easy to hold, allowing babies to exercise their gums and jaws while also satisfying the natural urge to bite.

Plump dark raisins and Rich Chewy flavor fill this “comfort food” cookie. This Oatmeal cookie without the Oats will become a favorite of kids and adults alike.

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