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Digital Ocean Playground in Times Square

sea interactive


Image credit: National Geographic Encounter

The National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey has opened in Times Square.  You will walk-through a 60,000-square-foot space, and experience virtual interactions with sea lions, rays, dolphins and see virtual humpback whales, great white sharks and Humboldt squids. The experience lasts about 90minutes.

You’ll be guided through awesome animation, huge projection screens, immersive sound and an interactive technology room with touch screens, holograms and games.

Tickets go on sale July 11, and all tickets are attached to time-slots. The experience opens to the public in October 2017.

National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey experience at 226 44th St (natgeoencounter.com). $39.50, seniors $36.50, children 12 and under $32.50.

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