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World’s First Biodegradable Watch

Luxury timepieces are just as important as sustainable timepieces. Geneva-based company Altanus conducted a four year research that resulted in a 100 percent eco-friendly watch, called Patch. Available at selected stores, including Madl’Or Horlogerie – Bijouterie in Monte Carlo and Old Village in Brighton, England. Costs about $33 (24 euros).  

Diaper Bags Gone Couture

MOMS & TOTS MAGAZINE chats with Rashmi Budhram, the designer behind MOMMA COUTURE™ — the stylish diaper bag collection. Most women would agree that handbags and shoes are top priority luxury items. When you’re a momma you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style. Rashmi’s collection offers versatility, durability, and great style. These bags really do take you from diaper bag duty to a carry-it-all for your pre-schooler to your favorite bag du jour. SHOP MOMMA COUTURE™

Rebecca Minkoff Makes Wearable Tech Sexy

To help a mom stay connected while on the run (as in running errands), there are so many sexy, cool and functional gadgets. Rebecca Minkoff is known for her super casual yet super cool designs, especially her incredible handbag collection. Recently,  she’s teamed up with Case-Mate to create a line of wearable technology, including charging devices, notification bracelets, and phone cases. Included in the line is a gold chain-link bracelet, known as the “notification bracelet,” with a silver bar and pyramid studs that connects with your phone via Bluetooth . The bracelet lights up when you receive a text or call from certain people, so you can put your phone away but stay in touch. It’s perfect for the working mom that needs to be connected all the time. There is also a lightning cable bracelet, which connects to a USB cord and features a leather strap, studs, and a clasp that hides the fact that you can use this bracelet to charge and sync your phone on the go. This very cool compact mobile charger is also a Rebecca Minkoff product. It’s small …