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A Generation of Autism, Coming of Age

via When Children With Autism Become Adults – As the explosion of children who were found to have autism in the 1990s begins to transition from the school to the adult system, experts caution about the coming wave. “We estimate there are going to be half a million children with autism in the next 10 years who will become adults,” said Peter Bell, executive vice president for programs and services of the advocacy group Autism Speaks. Services for adults with autism exist, but unlike school services, they are not mandated, and there are fewer of them. Combined with shrinking government budgets, the challenges are daunting. “We are facing a crisis of money and work force,” said Nancy Thaler, executive director of the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services. “The cohort of people who will need services — including aging baby boomers — is growing much faster than the cohort of working-age adults that provide care.” To help parents navigate this difficult journey, in January Autism Speaks introduced a free Transition Tool …

How To Organize Toys

Here are great ways to organize your kids’ toys without getting overwhelmed. Don’t over-categorize Toys need to be organzied but they don’t have to be put away in alphabetized, color-coded bins. Kids simply love to dump things out and that’s just how they tend to want to put things away – dump everything back into a bin haphazardly. Kids don’t care if one bin is marked “trucks” and one is marked “cars.” If you love to label things, rather than making up a toy classification system on your own, ask your kids how they would like to see their toys categorized. You’ll be surprised by the different ways they view their objects and, even better, if they help you come up with the system, they are more much more likely to follow it. Tote bags are your friend Earmark a specific, lightweight bag (preferably with handles) that can be carried around the house and used as a depository for wayward toys. That way, when you or your child finds a toy that belongs elsewhere, it …

Minding Their Little Manners

It’s never too early to learn good taste. There are many programs that teach etiquette classes to children, including many luxury hotels.   These classes generally teach the rules of conduct in a fun and engaging environment, with workshops hosted by etiquette experts.  The workshops host interactive meals to teach table manners, including how to fold and place a napkin. Pick up Munchkin Manners Book: “Munchkin Manners on Table Setting“ from the Elementary Etiquette Society. This guide will help your little ones practice dinnertime decorum.

Teaching Kids About Money

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure  is a virtual board game that educates kids (and adults) on the importance of wise financial planning (like paying for college or saving for a family vacation). Kids will learn about important financial concepts and use these lessons to complete the game and achieve their dream goals. While The Great Piggy Bank Adventure is designed for kids from ages 8 to 14, adults are encouraged to play with kids and get involved in their financial education.