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Green Home Tips

Insulate Your Walls and Attic If you add insulation to your home, you can save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs, according to Energy Star. The amount of insulation you will need to keep the warm air in during the winter and the hot air out in the summer depends on where you live. Several varieties of Earth-friendly insulation exist, such as recycled wood-fiber cellulose or soy-based, open-cell spray foam. Skip the Dryer Pulling warm, freshly laundered clothing from dryer can be a great feeling. But using a dryer uses a great deal of extra energy. You can get dry clothes with only a small amount of effort and almost no energy by hanging them on a clothesline or clothes dryer, either indoors or out. If air drying your clothing does not appeal to you, or if you live in an incredibly humid climate, invest in the most energy efficient dryer you can afford. Launder in Cold Water Heating water to wash your clothing uses a lot of energy. Conserve resources by …